A Not So Distant Utopia

Two little rocks off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, where life is slow and development is reluctant. This little haven is just a short flight from Managua, but it feels like a lifetime away. Having loved the first couple of days on the island, we decided to extend our stay, and ended up leaving after 9 nights. Photographically, this place is a dream. It has everything, from beautiful, luscious landscapes to vibrant characters roaming around with the biggest smiles I've ever seen. 

We spent our days cruising around on push bikes, lounging on disused jetties, eating local seafood (amongst other things), and photographing as much as we could.  

When we finally decided to leave the island, we were told that we couldn't due to flights being completely booked up for the next six days. After hanging around for a couple of hours, it appeared luck was on our side and we managed to sneak onto the next flight to Managua via Bluefields. It turns out our stop in Bluefields was a brief one to pick up a guy who needed urgent medical attention in the city. 

Here's a small selection of shots from a quick jaunt to paradise.